How is HBOT Administered?

Monoplace chamber: Hyperbaric’s Of South Florida uses Monoplace chambers. Which are single-person chambers, the patient lies on a stretcher and the entire body is exposed to 100% oxygen.

What are treatments sessions like? Each HBOT treatment session for a brain-injury patient lasts about 60 minutes and for a wound-care patient about 90 minutes. Patients cannot take anything with them into this chamber, other than the scrub suit we provide, which is part of our fire-safety protocol. Once they are lying comfortably on the transfer gurney, it will be slid into the chamber. After the door closes, the gentle “hiss” of the incoming oxygen used to pressurize the chamber will be heard.

As pressure develops in the chamber, the patient will notice a slight warming. They will also feel fullness in their ears and should begin ear clearing procedures. When compression is complete, the need for ear clearing ceases. The patient may now rest and enjoy their dive.

During decompression, the chamber becomes cooler and the patient will feel a slight popping sensation in their ears as they adjust to the changing pressure. There is no need to clear the ears during decompression. No oxygen mask is required in this chamber because the entire chamber is filled with oxygen. Patients can choose to sleep during treatment if they wish. Other patients watch TV or videos and some like to listen to music. We also have a beautiful ocean bottom mural on the wall to add a little more relaxation to your dive.